Download Software

Software available to the Columbia University community, for free or at Columbia's negotiated rate.

Computer Security Software


Windows application for scanning for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as Social Security numbers.


Virus and spyware scanning program.

Secure Shell and File Transfer Software


PuTTY is an easy-to-use telnet and SSH program for Windows computers.

MacOS X Terminal

The MacOS X terminal includes SSH, which allows Macs to make secure connections to Unix computers.

QWS3270 Secure v4.85

Click to download application for Mainframe access with SSH.


Secure FTP program, recommended by CUIT for file transfers to the server.


Secure FTP software that can be used on a Mac.

Mathematical/Statistical Software

Access these programs remotely by connecting to a CUIT computer lab


Adobe has various applications for document management, collaboration, creating graphics, marketing, editing videos, web design development, and more.


For engineering, design, and analytical work.


For scientific, engineering, mathematical, and technical computing fields.


For algorithm development, data visualization, and analysis.


For data entry, management and warehousing, statistical and quality improvement analysis, and forecasting.


For statistical analysis, also known as IBM SPSS Statistics.


For data management, statistical analysis, simulations, regression, and custom programming.

Research Services Software


Paperless research notebook and lab manual solution for Columbia's researchers.


Molecular biology software for planning, visualizing, and documenting procedures.

Columbia University maintains a license agreement with Microsoft to distribute several Microsoft products and product upgrades to specific campus groups and organizations.

There are two download options:

laptop icon
Personal Desktop/Laptop Downloads

Eligible groups*:

  • CU undergraduate students
  • CU graduate students (including CUIMC and Law School)
  • Full-time employees (including Officers of Instruction, Officers of Research, and Staff)
  • SIPA students should visit the SIPAIT student page
  • CBS students should visit the Business School student page instead
  • CUIMC affiliates should visit the "CUIMC-IT page" instead

...can download Windows or Microsoft Office (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more) and install it on up to 5 computers or devices for free.

To Download Microsoft Windows 10/11, go to

To Download Office:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Sign in.
  3. Enter your [email protected] account address (e.g., [email protected]), and select Next.
  4. Enter your same [email protected] account address and your standard UNI password, and select Sign in.
  5. Authenticate with the Duo MFA action of your choice. If you have not yet set up Duo, you can create a Duo account and learn more about Duo.
  6. If a "First Run Experience" window opens up, you can close it by clicking the X in the corner.
  7. Select Install Office in the upper-right corner.
  8. Choose Office 365 Apps from the drop-down menu.
  9. After the software download is complete, install it as you normally would.
  10. When prompted by the software to sign in to your Office 365 account, use your [email protected] account that you used in Steps 3 and 4.

Note: The license assigned to your account allows you to download Microsoft Office, install it on your machine, and activate it using your [email protected] account. It does not give access to online or cloud services like One Note and One Drive.

Troubleshooting: If you receive an error saying you cannot sign in with [email protected] and the corresponding password, please try changing your UNI password. A password change is required once your Microsoft account is created to sync the password between your UNI password and your Microsoft login.

university icon
Columbia-owned Desktop/Laptop Downloads

Eligible groups*:

  • Employees of CU, Barnard College, Teachers College, and Union Theological Seminary
  • CUIMC and Columbia Business School students with CU devices for research/academic purposes

...can download the following products for free by clicking the links below:

All Microsoft licenses for the software downloaded from the CUIT site are authorized every 90 days by the CUIT KMS server. For authorization, the devices must either be physically on campus or you must be logged in to the CUIT VPN.

* Please note, Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft as of Jan 14th 2020.

*Given the complexity of the University population, ineligible groups are specified below.

Important notes for MS downloads to personal devices

The following student groups are not eligible for the Microsoft Campus Agreement software:

  • Barnard College students
  • Teachers College students
  • Union Theological Seminary (UTS) students
  • All High School Programs (Including all non-degree program students)
  • All Alumni (Not currently enrolled in an eligible program)

All Columbia Business School (CBS) students should not use Columbia's Microsoft Software Portal, and should instead visit the Business School student page.

CUIT recommends that you back up all of your important work prior to any new software downloads. Although unlikely, there is always the possibility of data loss while performing a new installation.

Note that CUIT does not provide installation or tech support for your personal computers. If you need further assistance, visit Microsoft's Office installation page.

Problem: I am getting an error message that says, "Your account [email protected] doesn't allow editing on a Mac. To learn more, contact your administrator about your Office plan."

Solution: We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this. This is a known issue, but a fix has been issued by Microsoft.

Step 1: Ensure you have been assigned the correct Office license.

  • Log in to the Office 365 portal.
  • Select View Subscriptions.
  • Under the Licenses section, make sure you have been assigned the latest desktop version of Office.

Step 2: Ascertain you are connected to the internet.

Step 3: Clear Office credential caches.

  • Quit all Office applications and open Finder > Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access.
  • Remove Microsoft Office Identities Cache 2 and Microsoft Office Identities Settings 2.

Step 4: Sign in to Office and reactivate it with your account.

  • Select the Library folder and open Group Containers.
  • Select the folders (if present): UBF8T346G9.msUBF8T346G9.Office, and BF8T346G9.OfficeOsfWebHost, and move them to Trash.
  • Restart your Mac, open Microsoft Word for Mac, and sign in using your account.

If the problem persists, please provide us with the detailed steps (including screenshots) on how you encountered the issue and the message on your Mac, so we can better understand your situation and help you. 

ReferenceI suddenly can't edit my documents (Mac)

Eligibility for MS downloads to CU-owned devices

The following CU affiliates are not covered under the Microsoft Campus License Agreement:

  • Alumni (including recent graduates)
  • Retirees (either Faculty or Staff retirees)
  • Visiting Scholars
  • Some types of employees, including consultants, contractors, temporary staff, and casual employees, are also not covered
Employees of the following school and departments can download Project and Visio on their Columbia-owned devices:
  • Columbia Business School
  • Columbia Law School
  • Earth Institute
  • Facilities
    • Arden House
    • Campus Operations - Custodial Services
    • Campus Operations - Nevis
    • Campus Operations - Trade Services
    • Capital Project Management
    • CUIMC Res Properties
    • Executive VP Facilities & Operations
    • Finance & Administration
    • Maintenance & Oper Ldg
    • Manhattanville
    • Morningside Utilities
    • Plant Engineering & Utilities
    • Powerhouse
    • Public Safety - Morningside
    • Real Estate
    • Residential Operations
    • Space Planning & Management
  • Finance
    • CUIT
    • Executive VP for Finance and IT
    • Office of the Controller
    • Office of Internal Audit
    • Office of the Treasurer
    • Office of University Budget
    • Office of University Investments
    • Procurement Services
  • Office of Alumni and Development
  • Office of Public Affairs
    • EVP Government Community Affairs
    • Office of Public Affairs
    • Publications and Marketing
  • Office of the Senior Executive VP
    • Client Services
    • Environmental Stewardship
    • Senior Executive VP
  • President's Office
    • Ombuds Office
    • Office of the Secretary
    • Office of the President
    • University Senate
  • School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA)
  • Science and Technology Ventures
    • Columbia Innovation Enterprise
    • Science and Technology Ventures
  • Student and Administrative Services
    • CU Faculty House
    • Dining Services
    • Health Services - Morningside
    • Human Resources
    • Printing Services
    • Student Services
    • University Residence Halls
  • Teachers College (eligible for Project only)

CU Libraries' Applications

Site License Distribution Policies

There are certain policies in place for all licenses procured through CUIT and others that are specific to particular products. The general policies are categorized as follows:

  • The licensee is responsible for his or her own installation and setup. You must not install more copies of the software than you pay for.
  • Any infringement of the license policies becomes the responsibility of the licensee and not Columbia University.

Software will not be prorated, either by price or by duration.

CUIT provides these licenses as a service to the Columbia community. The licensees are responsible for installation, maintaining hardware and making sure the appropriate operating system is installed.

Only the most current versions will be distributed. CUIT does not maintain older, archived versions of software.