WinSCP is a secure FTP program developed by Martin Prikryl. CUIT recommends WinSCP for transferring files over the internet, especially to the server.

Installation directions for WinSCP

Download the installer for WinSCP  (external site for latest download).

Save the installer to your hard drive, and make a note of the folder that you saved it in.

Run the installer.

In the Save As window, save the file to your Desktop and then click Save.

In the Select Setup Language screen of the Setup Wizard, click OK.

Select Setup Language

In the Setup WinSCP screen click Next.

Welcome to the WinSCP Setup Wizard

Select the option I accept the agreement and then click Next.

License Agreement

Click Next to install Typical Installation (recommended) of WinSCP.

Setup type

Click Next to install Commander Interface of WinSCP.

Initial User Settings

Click Install.

Ready to Install

Uncheck the option Launch WinSCP if you don't want to open WinSCP at this time.

Click Finish to complete the installation.

Completing the WinSCP Setup Wizard

When you open WinSCP for the first time, you will need to enter the host name to which you're connecting and your user name. Enter the following in the WinSCP Login Screen.

Host Name:

User Name: UNI

Click Save.

WinSCP Login

Click OK in the Save session as pop-up window.

Save Session as

Double-click on, or select and then click Login

WinSCP Login

Click Yes in the Warning pop-up window to proceed with connecting to the host. Note: This window should only appear the first time you log in.


Enter your UNI password and then click OK. (You need to have a valid Columbia UNI in order to transfer files between your computer and the Columbia UNIX server.)

After entering your UNI password, you will automatically receive a Duo multifactor authentication push/phone call to your default Duo device (you will not be prompted to select the device as you are for certain applications). Authenticate with Duo to continue the login process.

Server prompt -