Columbia Libraries and CUIT have teamed up to provide Overleaf Professional accounts to all active Columbia researchers, instructors, and students.

Overleaf is a world-class LaTeX editor that is often used for collaborative writing, editing, and publishing scientific documents and papers; it provides users with precise control over producing documents that require highly-controlled typesetting, which is especially useful for extremely complex mathematics, tables, and technical content. Overleaf also facilitates footnotes, cross-referencing and bibliography management, as well as producing complicated indexes, glossaries, and tables of contents; all of this functionality is critical to be successful in publishing papers.

Overleaf can be used by any department at Columbia, but it is ideal for those in extremely technical fields, such as Computer Science, Physics, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Genetics, and Mathematics.

Overleaf Professional offers several perks that are not available with a free Overleaf account, including:

  • unlimited collaboration ("sharing") with colleagues
  • version tracking history
  • ability to edit offline

How to create your free Overleaf Professional account

  1. Visit https://www.overleaf.com/edu/columbia
  2. Select Log in through your institution
  3. Log in with your Columbia University UNI and password

How to link your existing Overleaf account with Columbia's free Overleaf Professional account

  • If you already have an Overleaf account that is associated with your @columbia.edu address, navigate to https://www.overleaf.com/edu/columbia and click Link Accounts.
  • If your Overleaf account is associated with another email address, you should log into Overleaf, navigate to your Account Settings via the drop-down in the top right-hand corner, and then add your @columbia.edu address and set it as your Primary email.
  • If you receive an error that reads "The email/institution account you tried to add is already registered in Overleaf", this means that you have a second Overleaf account registered under your [email protected] email address (this could be because you have a vanity account like [email protected]; it could also be a legacy account from ShareLaTeX or WriteLaTeX, which are now owned by Overleaf). To consolidate your accounts: