IT Partners at the University

CUIT works closely with other Information Technology groups across the University that serve more localized needs for their schools and departments.

For your reference, a list of IT websites from around the University is posted at right.

Visit your respective page if you do not use CUIT for your primary IT support.


Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC)

To enable alignment of IT across the University, ITLC meetings are held with IT leaders representing 33 colleges, schools, institutes, University affiliates and major departments at Columbia. Bi-monthly meetings are held to discuss strategy and direction for University-wide projects and initiatives. Council members join working groups that meet to plan and discuss resources for relevant initiatives. Please ask your IT leader if you'd like to be involved.

The ITSC (Information Technology Security Council) also convenes throughout the academic year, with a similar structure but instead focusing specifically on IT security.

Graphic representing the ITLC governance structure. Triangle made of four non-overlapping triangles. Each triangle is labeled: CUIT at the center, Schools IT at the top, University Affiliate IT at right, and Major Department IT at left. The triangle is framed by a rectangle with a word on each side: Cybersecurity and Risk Management on top, Technology Standards at right, Emerging Technologies on bottom, and IT Policy at left.