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The Researcher Resource Digest is a quarterly newsletter that spotlights systems and solutions that empower Columbia's researchers.

Together, the Office of the EVPR and CUIT Research Services want to share with you the tools that the University offers to facilitate and enhance your research work.


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Check out the back-editions of the digest to review systems and services that you may have missed being rolled out!

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ACCESS is a NSF-funded program of HPC resources available for FREE though merit-based applications. You can easily test ACCESS HPC resources with Columbia's Discover Allocation, which CUIT's ACCESS representatives can readily approve. ACCESS is a great option if you want to try new resources (CPU, GPU), need to run jobs for more than SRCPAC's current 5-day maximum wall time, have a small project, or simply don't have an HPC budget. 

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Available Now: Columbia ChatGPT Enterprise

Columbia ChatGPT Enterprise is a walled garden designed to prioritize data privacy and is equipped with the fastest speed (up to 2x), a 128k larger context window, and unlimited message caps. No data or customer prompts are used for training models. Advanced features include custom GPTs, Dall-3, browsing, voice, and advanced data analytics.

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Apply Today for a Unique Data Grant

Columbia's Libraries are committed to helping researchers gain access to datasets for their research. To broaden access to these expensive resources, the Unique Data Grant program connects researchers with Libraries staff with expertise in collections acquisitions for one-time purchases of unique datasets. Columbia faculty, students and staff can submit an expression of interest by May 30, 2024.

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Go BIG with Globus

Transfer GB- and TB-sized data quickly, reliably, and securely for free! CUIT's Globus subscription includes unlimited endpoints, including your laptop, HPC node, AWS bucket, Google Drive, SharePoint, Box and more. Use Globus to send data efficiently between systems and across organizations, within and outside of Columbia.

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AI Community of Practice

Join the Emerging Technologies' AI:Community of Practice (AICoP) to delve into the realms of AI / ML through engaging in collaborative discussion, learning, and application. Our mission is to demystify AI, spur innovation, and approach challenges with an AI-centric perspective. AICoP meets on the 4th Friday of the month at 9:30 am ET.

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Unlock software deals

Did someone say Adobe discount?! On top of University-sponsored free software, Columbia has negotiated reduced prices on many analysis and publication programs, including favorites like Adobe Creative Cloud, MATLAB, and GraphPad Prism. We're rounding up the research-relevant options all in one place!

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Overleaf for all!

5,000 Columbia users can't be wrong. CUIT teamed up with the Libraries this summer to bring Overleaf Pro licenses to everyone at Columbia. Overleaf is the leading collaborative LaTeX editor with templates for publishing scientific documents, papers, bibliographies, and more. A Pro license includes unlimited collaborators, version tracking, and offline editing.

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Find undergrad talent

Undergrads now have a dedicated database of research opportunities, surfacing open positions across all Columbia's campuses. Post your open research role today to attract bright, enthusiastic applicants that are eager to learn!

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Visualize your grant spending

Use the MyGrants dashboard to track your grant finances at a glance! MyGrants makes it easier for Columbia Principal Investigators to monitor your real-time expenses, see currently available funds, and plan for the future by visualizing sponsor committed funds as listed in your Notice of Award.

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CU Research Software Roundup

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Columbia deals on popular analysis and publication software (plus a few transfer/storage bonuses), available to active researchers, faculty, and students. Email us at [email protected] with any additions or updates!

Offerings change frequently, so also check: