ChatGPT Enterprise

ChatGPT Enterprise is now available to the Columbia University community. This service offers enhanced security and privacy. Users will have unrestricted access to the latest model of ChatGPT with 4x longer inputs, files, or follow-up context windows and up to 2x higher-speed performance. GPT-4o provides GPT-4-level intelligence with improved performance across text, voice, and vision tasks. The Enterprise platform includes the Advanced Data Analysis, GPT Builder tool, DALL·E image creation/edition, and integrated browsing with Bing feature.

  • Data protection with enhanced security measures, ensuring privacy through robust encryption within a secure, walled garden environment.
  • Highest standards of compliance, the platform is GDPR-ready and HIPAA-compliant (BAA under review) to safeguard sensitive information at all times.
  • OpenAI does not use or train on conversations or any uploaded data. 
  • ChatGPT Enterprise meets SOC 2 standards, and all dialogues are safeguarded with encryption both during transmission (using TLS 1.2 or higher) and when stored (using AES 256).
  • ChatGPT Enterprise runs on the industry's most mature AI model, designed for peak performance and reliability.
  • You will have uninterrupted service with a dedicated instance for Columbia, guaranteeing 24x7 availability.
  • The service scales seamlessly with high-speed access using the scalable and reliable infrastructure, designed to support growth.
  • Easy to use simple, user-friendly interface, designed for an intuitive experience.
  • Access to Dall-e, and powerful data analytics for informed decision-making.
  • Unlimited interactions and file upload feature. Multiple files in different format can be uploaded.
  • Create GPT bots.
  • Engage in context aware conversations with a large input window, capable of processing 4X more information for longer and more complex dialogues.


  • $720 Annually via chart string (accounts are transferable on the same chart string). 


Training/Support/Use Cases:

CUIT will host open office hours to answer user questions and demo use cases. Please use the links below to register in advance.

Register for Office Hours:

Need more assistance? Watch our training videos:



All conversations in ChatGPT Enterprise are encrypted in transit using TLS 1.2 or higher and at rest using AES 256 encryption. OpenAI or any third party will not have access to conversations or data uploaded to Enterprise.

Yes, ChatGPT Enterprise supports advanced math functionality in conversations and within Advanced Data Analytics.

Please provide us with your chart string and Columbia UNI to request access.

Here are OpenAI’s Terms of use and Privacy policy. Your chats are securely stored and never deleted.

OpenAI or any other third-party will not use data submitted by end users via ChatGPT Enterprise to train or improve OpenAI’s models. No other user can access your prompt and completion data unless by legal request for eDiscovery purposes, whereby OpenAI will contact our administrators.

The maximum length of a message you can submit to ChatGPT is ~128K token context windows for 4x longer inputs and memory!

Unlimited. Send as many messages as you’d like every hour!