Research Computing Services — RCS

Research Computing Services (RCS), a team within CUIT's Research Services department, is responsible for providing technology resources to support Columbia's researchers and the University's mission to be a leading driver of research, innovation and the advancement of knowledge.

The Research Computing Services team hosts a number of workshops to help you get the most out of our high performance computing (HPC) clusters. Additionally, we hold an HPC Open Lab the first Monday of every month for those who have unique questions. Download our one-page handout on our service portfolio and workshop/training opportunities to share our offerings with your team or department!

In addition to our formal services listed above, RCS also offers a range of resources to facilitate and enhance your computing.

Email us at [email protected] with any questions or submit a ticket to make a request for one of our services.

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ACCESS test allocations on NSF's HPC

Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Coordination Ecosystem: Services & Support (ACCESS) is an NSF-funded, nationwide collection of supercomputing systems available to researchers through merit-based allocations. The resources are free, but the application process is competitive, so it's recommended to explore the tool first using Columbia's test allocation. Learn more about Columbia's ACCESS allocations on our HPC page.

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    Video Library

    RCS has a growing video library of recorded trainings, workshops, and webinars. We are always working to share knowledge and vendor expertise with Columbia's researchers, feel free to email us at [email protected] with any suggested topics.

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    HPC Open Lab

    Is computer processing time holding back your work? Are your projects running into the limits of your machine’s capacities? HPC delivers more efficiency and accuracy than your typical workstation by aggregating computing power, allowing you to run more complex experiments and solve larger problems. Register to learn more. Staff from Research Computing Services are on call to help with projects, general questions, or just to get started!

    HPC Training Series

    The HPC team offers a series of targeted trainings to help Columbia's researchers get the most out of our high performance computing clusters. Registrations for upcoming trainings will be listed below when available, as well as links to the latest video recordings of the most recent sessions.

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    Intro to Linux

    Set up your Linux command line and review the basics in preparation for learning how to use Columbia's HPC resources.

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    Intro to Linux Shell Scripts

    Find out about the fundamentals of scripting in the Linux operating system as a prelude to using the HPC resources at Columbia.

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    Intro to HPC

    Discover how to leverage Columbia's shared HPC clusters (overview of current hardware and network specifications and instructions on running a range of job types).

    Cloud Computing

    RCS offers cloud research computing consulting upon request, alongside hosting workshops.

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    Introduction to Cloud Computing for Research

    Overview of the cloud environment and foundational concepts around cloud computing. 

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    High Performance Computing on GCP

    Use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to accelerate your research at Columbia.