Unified Communications and Collaboration

Suite of voice, video and work collaboration tools for desktop computers, telephones and mobile devices.

Also known as: UC, RingCentral, RC, Softphone and RingCentral App. Formerly known as Glip. Replacement option for discontinued AT&T conference call accounts.

Rather than switching between WebEx, Zoom, Slack, texting, Google Hangouts, or forwarding your desktop line to your cell phone, CUIT provides the RingCentral App and VoIP deskphone to manage your communications.

You can learn more about all of RingCentral's tools at CUIT's UC User Guide Center.
RingCentral App features
  • Call, text, video conference, message and fax from a single application
  • Use your Columbia phone number to send and receive phone calls
  • Can be used on mobile and computer desktop
RingCentral Deskphone feature
  • Uses VoIP to make calls over the internet instead of a traditional telephone network
  • Enhanced voice clarity
  • Less expensive long-distance calls than traditional network calls

Service Pricing

For capital construction, renovation, and network upgrade projects, the cost of jack installations can vary depending on the project's scope. Please refer to CUIT’s Technical Design Requirements documentation and contact the Network Engineering and Project Management group by emailing [email protected] to initiate a conversation about the service you want to order. CUIT will determine a project estimate.

Headset Pricing


Secure Voice is part of the RingCentral deskphones, softphones, conference phones, and mobile applications, and offers improved call reliability and enterprise-grade encryption for voice calls to greatly improve our user's privacy and security.

Up to 200 people can participate in a RingCentral Meeting. Large meetings and webinars are available for longer sessions, please submit a ticket to discuss your options.

A meeting can last up to 24 hours. After this, participants and hosts will have to dial into the meeting again.


Your voice messages from the previous phone system will not transfer over to your new RingCentral phone, but you will have 90 days to revisit your old voicemails and take note of any important information. Check out our UC User Guide Center for steps on how to revisit your old voicemails.

If you have a RingCentral deskphone already, please submit a ticket to CUIT to get your deskphone set up.

If you do not have a RingCentral deskphone, but would like to have one, please have your department head contact CUIT at [email protected].