Phone/Voicemail and Voicemail Broadcasting

Creation and distribution of voicemail messages to defined lists of Columbia phone numbers.

Also known as broadcast voicemail, broadcast message.

CUIT’s voicemail broadcasting service allows faculty and staff to create specific voicemail messages and transmit them to distribution lists of Columbia-owned landline phone numbers.

Broadcasts will be sent to all 854, 853, and 851 extensions of faculty, staff and administrators and Columbia and/or Barnard who have a NetPhone or Rolm desktop phone. Users with RingCentral Unified Commnications phones cannot currently receive voicemail broadcasts. Please inquire to create a custom distribution list.


The fee for Phonemail and NetPhone Voicemail Broadcasts is $405.91.

Request Process

At least five business days in advance, please submit a request ticket to the CUIT Service Desk including the following information as an attachment:

  • The date requested for the broadcast
  • The target audience
  • Who is to be recorded as the voice of the broadcast (person from your department or a CUIT staff member)
  • The script of the broadcast message (must be approved and signed by your school’s Dean or departmental vice president)

Broadcast messages submitted with less than five days notice will be considered an expedited request and will be subject to an additional fee. You will be sent a confirmation of your request after it has been processed by the CUIT Service Desk.