Automatic Call Distribution — ACD

Access to the call routing tool for Columbia University service desks and IT groups.

Also known as Help Desk phone system, inContact, or RingCentral Contact Center. Formerly known as ININ or Interactive Intelligence.

CUIT offers solutions for Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to allow the University's help and service desks manage incoming calls. ACD is desktop application that automatically selects and distributes incoming calls to available agents.

ACD Solutions

Application Suite

Auto Attendant (Call Processing)

Manages phone calls when no agents are available. Package includes recorded script that allows customers to direct their call to pre-defined destinations; can be used with or without ACD.

Agent Interface Software

Easy-to-use dashboard allows agents to handle calls, chats, and emails with customers.

Management Interface Software

Allows supervisors to monitor calls for review and coaching purposes, or to barge-in and take over calls if needed.

Call Center Analytics & Reporting

Provides access to metrics and easy-to-read reports to improve processes and customer experiences.

Omnichannel Routing

Allows agents to interact with customers via phone, email, text or web chat.


Yes, training for both supervisor and agents can be provided by CUIT, please submit a ticket with your department or school, desired timeframe, venue, number of participants and type of training needed (supervisor, agent, or both).

Yes, supervisors will be provided access to create and run reports.

Yes, this is available depending on the configuration requested.

Please contact the CUIT Service Desk by calling 212-854-1919 or submitting a ticket. This information will be routed to the appropriate group to reset your password.

Please contact the CUIT Service Desk by calling 212-854-1919 or submitting a ticket and provide any relevant information including any error messages that you may have received.