Email for Alumni

Can I keep using my Columbia email after graduating?
Yes, you can! Review the options below.


Columbia graduates of non-medical programs will be able to continue using their LionMail email account automatically. It will not expire.

If you are a graduate of a medical program, you can utilize the options below.

Columbia Alumni Association Email

The Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) offers alumni free, web-based email (UNI and password required).

  • Robust Gmail features with a Columbia address
  • Easy file attachment for outgoing messages
  • Customizable name
  • No forwarding required

Read more about the CAA's e-mail services in their Alumni Email FAQs.

    Email Forwarding

    Columbia offers email forwarding, which allows you to maintain an email address of [email protected]. For alumni that don't have a LionMail account you can forward your [email protected] to CAA email address.

    However, if you would like to forward your Columbia address to an external email system (like your personal email), you must set this forwarding up in your LionMail 'Gmail' Settings rather than via the Manage My UNI email forwarding. Forwarding to external email systems (Gmail, Yahoo) was disallowed beginning October 22nd, 2019. This change is due to the increasing unreliability of forwarding, which you can read about on our Email Forwarding page. For reliable delivery of important correspondence, please provide senders with the address where you actually read your email.

    Affiliate School Graduates

    Please visit your local alumni site to learn about your post-graduation email options: