Email and Calendar

Email and calendar services, including LionMail powered by Google, and Microsoft Exchange.

CUIT provides email service to the Columbia University community of students, faculty, and staff. The service includes automatic backup of mail stored on our servers, support for secure protocols for sending and retrieving mail, and extensive spam-filtering.

CUIT has two mail systems:

  • LionMail—Columbia’s email system powered by Google with unlimited storage.
  • Exchange—Fee-based Microsoft Outlook email system used mainly by administrative staff with 2GB of storage. Additional space is available on the Exchange server at a cost (see below).

All Columbia University Morningside students, faculty, and staff have LionMail. CUMC students, faculty, and staff use the CUMC email system. CUMC affiliates do not use LionMail.

Pricing Information

A new CUIT Exchange shared mailbox or calendar is $17.50/month.


IMAP is the recommended method by both Microsoft and Google, because of that, CUIT only supports IMAP.

CUIT does not support archiving email. Local archives are prone to getting corrupted, leading to email loss. We recommend either deleting unneeded email from your mailbox to free up space, or requesting a larger mailbox in the situations where email cannot be deleted.

Your account will expire a short time after Human Resources removes you from the database of current employees. For staff, this is usually from one to two weeks and for faculty, four to five weeks.

Please note that this information does not apply to officers who retire. Retirees retain access to email accounts.

After your account expires, your mail cannot be forwarded, however, an auto reply can be added to inform senders of a new email address. Before your account expires, please download any mail or files you wish to keep to a personal computer.

To install an auto reply, submit a ticket to the CUIT Service Desk with your requested message. The auto reply will be installed within three days of receipt of your request. Regardless of when your account actually expires, please don't submit the request until you are ready. The auto reply will remain in effect for up to six months after requested.

Note: Only one request for an auto-reply is necessary per account. This action does not unsubscribe you from any mailing lists whose addresses do not end in