Vendor Developed Site Setup and Review

Management of externally developed websites that are hosted by CUIT.

Also known as Drupal Hosting.

CUIT’s Web Services team provides services for customers who wish to have their Drupal 8 site developed by vendors and hosted within CUIT’s environment (Please note, we are no longer hosting externally developed Drupal 7 websites.) Outlined below is the typical flow of this process:

  • Client contacts CUIT informing them of their intention to have a website externally developed.
  • CUIT sends our Developer’s Guide for the client’s vendor to review, describing our security and best practice standards.
  • CUIT will create a Statement of Work for the client to review and authorize agreement upon our provided services.
  • CUIT will create a GitLab repository for the vendors to check-in their code at agreed-upon dates during their development cycle.
  • CUIT will review the code to ensure that it meets our security and best practice standards as outlined in our Development Guide.
  • Once the finalized site is handed off by the vendor, CUIT will launch the site in our production environment.