Columbia Domain Names — DNS

Procedure for obtaining a third-level or external domain name for your school, department, or administrative unit's website.

Schools, departments, and administrative units may request third-level domains or external domains for their websites. A third-level domain includes another name to the left of (prior to), such as An external domain is a web address that ends in something other than but refers to an affiliate of the University, such as

The Columbia University's Domain Name Policy requires that before every third-level or external domain may be created for an academic or administrative unit, the domain name request must first be approved by the Dean or VP of the respective school or administrative unit.

After you have written approval from your Dean or VP, you may submit the request for third-level or external domain. Your request must be reviewed and approved by CUIT's CTO, the Office of the Provost, and the Office of Communications and Public Affairs. Furthermore, an external domain name must be approved by the Office of General Counsel.

If you request an external domain and it is approved, you will be responsible for the expense of purchasing the domain, as well as any maintenance or renewal fees.

Recognized student groups are eligible for a fourth-level domain under