Finance Application Support and Development — ARC

Management and administration of Columbia's financial system.

Also known as ARC or FINERP.

CUIT manages and supports ARC (Accounting & Reporting at Columbia) the University’s web-based financial system. ARC includes modules for general accounting, procurement, project costing and asset management (tracking financial information over a project). Columbia’s Finance administrators are the primary users of ARC, and host most guides and user information on the ARC section of their website, including a comprehensive overview, training materials, tools and codes, chart of accounts, and common questions.

To access ARC, please log in to the ARC Portal.

CUIT recognizes that ARC doesn’t functions fully in all browsers. Please review our browser settings page to find the current requirements.


To access ARC, please log into the ARC Portal. Please be aware that some browser versions are not supported, and review the the recommended browser settings.

Please visit the ARC Account Administration service page to request access to ARC.

Columbia administrators that have completed the required training and have the requisite approvals from their department access approvers can obtain access to ARC. Your role will determine the modules that you will have access to, as well as the training courses you are required to take.