CUIT Website Management

Administration of CUIT's website,

Our website and service catalog, hosted on, are maintained and managed by CUIT Communications. Our website uses a Columbia Sites Drupal template (administration model), providing a modern, user friendly interface.

    The CUIT website is a platform for central IT information for the Columbia community, including:

    If you work for a Columbia school or department and would like to enhance your own website, we recommend the following services:

    Requests for new webpages and updates or additions to the service catalog are processed through CUIT Communications in order to create a consistent user experience. Administrative access to other CUIT staff will be granted on a case-by-case basis; to request access, please submit a ticket with your justification and manager’s consent.


    Yes. When you submit your request, please explain why the information should be protected and it can be created as a page requiring UNI-authentication to access.

    Please submit a ticket to notify us about the discrepancy, and we will investigate to find out which website is correct and let you know, as well as ensuring the outdated information is updated.