Managing UNIX Group Access

UNIX Groups

To allow more than one person to make modifications to your website, it is necessary to set up a UNIX group. The creation of your group and the addition and removal of members must be done through your CUIT UNIX account via SSH.

Restricting Access

There are a number of different criteria that you can use to restrict access to your website. You can do so by Internet domain, by basic username and password, and by using CAS (a centralized authentication system for higher-level web applications).

You can restrict access to a Web directory to a specific list of users. Users will be required to log in when attempting to access documents you place in this directory. If all of the users that need access to your documents are affiliated with Columbia, you can make use of their regular I.D.s and passwords that they are accustomed to entering (University Networked I.D.s or UNI's). For users not affiliated with Columbia, you must maintain a list of user names and passwords. If you are going to maintain this list and place your files on the regular server, you should follow the instructions for using the regular server. However, placing your files on the secure server will add an extra measure of security. If your users include both Columbia and non-Columbia users, you may have those with UNI's use that ID system, and for the others, you may maintain your own username and password list. You are required to use the secure server if your users will be using their UNI's.