Browser, VPN and Citrix Accessible Applications

Faculty and staff with permissions to the following applications can access these applications from computers with Internet access (UNI login required):

Be sure to log off the application and close the browser window when access is no longer needed.


Faculty and staff can use the Virtual Private Network, or VPN,  to connect to Columbia's network, systems, file shares, email servers and all administrative and school applications if they have been authorized to access this information.

You can access shared drives remotely but not your office's local desktop hard drive (unless you have a laptop that you carry with you). Therefore, if you need to access files remotely, be sure to save them on a shared drive. Also, make sure that security is set up to enable only authorized individuals to access the files.

It is important to log onto the VPN server only for as long as needed to access applications.

University Application and File-Share Access via VPN ONLY

Although faculty and staff can access the applications noted above via the Internet, certain applications are only accessible via VPN (UNI logon required).

The R25 classroom scheduling application on the Morningside Campus is only accessible when you are physically on campus.


Applications currently available through Citrix (available only for CUIT-managed Alpha domain members) include: