Rolm Phone Tutorial

Rolm phones replaced CENTREX phones at Columbia, beginning in 1988 and use proprietary ROLM digital data protocol requiring direct connection to a ROLM switch. This phone system is being phased out.

Operator Information

Dial 90 or 212-854-1754

Note: Columbia operators do not accept or connect collect calls.

Verizon Operator: 989-0
AT&T Operator: 989-00

Dialing Instructions

Outgoing Telephone Service

* Intra-campus phones (restricted phones) can be used to make external calls if you are billing the call to your calling card or a Columbia-issued Personal Security Code (PSC). 
** Some 800 numbers are billable calls. Check if "toll-free" is indicated. Be aware that most 800 numbers with a call processing system (press 1 for repair, press 2 for help, etc.) are not toll-free.

Rolm Phone Feature Buttons

RolmPhones are fitted with feature buttons labeled for their functions (HOLD, FORWD, etc.) and access code buttons (#,*, and FLASH), which activate certain steps in the dialing procedures.

Not all RolmPhones are configured with the same feature buttons. However, the function of a feature button can be duplicated by using access code buttons, as indicated below.

To forward a call to another extension*:

  1. Get dial tone, and press FORWD (or # 9).
  2. Dial the extension to which you want your calls forwarded.
  3. Hang up.

To cancel the forwarding:

  1. Get dial tone and press FORWD (or # # 9).
  2. Hang up.

Note: You can also forward your calls to PhoneMail.

*If you need to forward to a non-Columbia line, please submit a ticket requesting this configuration. Please specify the Columbia Rolm number to be forwarded and the external phone number to be forwarded to.

To forward your Rolm phone to a non-Columbia line (like a cell phone), please submit a ticket so your phone may be configured. Please specify the Columbia Rolm number to be forwarded and the external phone number to be forwarded to.

Press HOLD and hang up.

To reconnect: Press line button of call being held and pick up handset.

  1. Press CONNECT.

To reconnect with a transferred call or to alternate between parties on your line:

  1. Press CONNECT.
  1. Press TRANSFER.
  2. Dial the other extension.
  3. Announce that you are transferring a call and hang up.
  1. Press CAMP (or # 1) when you hear busy signal. Hang up.
  2. When the line is free, you will be notified by a long ring.
  3. Pick up your line. You will hear the line you camped on immediately start to ring.

To cancel a callback:

  1. Get dial tone and press CAMP (or # # 1). Hang up.

Note: If you stay on the line of a busy RolmPhone extension, you will automatically be connected once the line is free. If you   hang up, your waiting status is canceled. (Automatic Camp-on)

  1. Dial the first person's extension (or 93 + outside number)
  2. Press FLASH.
  3. Dial the next person's extension (or 93 plus outside number).
  4. Inform the called party that this is a conference call.
  5. Press CONF (or FLASH * 4) to connect that person. If a call is refused, or if extension is busy or unanswered, reenter the conference by pressing CONNECT.
  6. To add another party, repeat steps listed above, starting with Press FLASH.
  7. To drop the last party connected, press FLASH and * * 4.
  1. Press FLASH.
  2. Dial second party's extension (or 93 + outside number) and converse while the first party waits.
  3. Press CONNECT to return to your original call.
  1. Get dial tone and dial the number or extension.
  2. Press SAVE/RPT (or FLASH # 4) and hang up.

To call your saved number later:

  1. Press SAVE/RPT (or # 7).

To set up a speed call code:

  1. Get dial tone and press STA SPEED twice (or # # 3).
  2. Dial the single digit you wish to use as your speed code.
  3. Dial the number you want the code digit to represent (including 93, etc., if an outside call). Hang up.

To make your speed call:

  1. Get dial tone and press STA SPEED (or # 3).
  2. Dial station speed code.
  1. Get dial tone and press PICK (or * 3).
  2. Dial the number of the ringing extension.

Call extension 45000 for this optional service.

If you have this service, to answer a call:

  1. Get dial tone and press PICK twice (or * 3).
  1. Press PARK (or FLASH * 6).
  2. Dial the other extension. Hang up.

For example, a repdial button could be used to forward your calls to a specified extension or to automatically dial a specified extension.

To set up a redial button to perform a command sequence, or to change the command:

  1. Get dial tone and press buttons * 5 6 6.
  2. Press desired REPDIAL button.
  3. Key in digits and feature buttons (or access codes) for the desired sequence.
  4. Press HOLD to enter a delay for processing time, if necessary. Hang up or press the line button in use.

To make a REPDIAL call:

  1. Press desired REPDIAL button (or select a line button, then press desired REPDIAL button).

To make a consultation call with REPDIAL (with first party on the line):

  1. Press FLASH (unless repdial button is already programmed with FLASH).
  2. Press desired REPDIAL button.

To reconnect with first party, press CONNECT.

PhoneMail (Voicemail) Access Numbers

The following is a summary of basic PhoneMail features.

To use the PhoneMail system you need to know the specific three access numbers for your building. Each of these three PhoneMail access numbers is used to perform a different function:

Direct Access Number - Use this number to:

  • Listen to your messages.
  • Change your greeting, password, and other options.
  • Record messages to send to other PhoneMail extensions.

This number is supplied to you upon your phone setup, but if you no longer have it, please contact the CUIT Service Desk by submitting a ticket, sending an email to [email protected], or calling 212-854-1919.

Note: You can program the Message Waiting (MSG WTG) button to dial your Direct Access Number automatically for you. To do this, dial # # 30 followed by your Direct Access Number  and hang up. When you want to use PhoneMail, just press the MSG WTG button and follow the prompts to access your mailbox.

Station Forward Access Number - Use this number to forward your calls to PhoneMail. (How to forward your calls)

Guest Access Number - Use this number to leave a message directly into someone's PhoneMail box. (Useful if the line is busy or if you don't want to speak to someone personally.)

Creating and Changing Passwords

To create or change a password you will need to know the current password attached to your extension. If you don't know what it is, send a request to the CUIT Service Desk at [email protected] or call 212-854-1919.

The password on your extension will be set to the default password "111" by the following day. With the default password you will be able to get into PhoneMail and create a password of your own choosing. To create or change a password:

  1. Dial your Direct Access Number and password. PhoneMail will ask you to push the pound sign (#) if you are at your own RolmPhone, or to enter your extension if you are at another RolmPhone.
  2. Dial the current or default password "111" and press #. You are now in what PhoneMail calls "home state". Follow these PhoneMail prompts to create your own password:
    • Press 9 for Mailbox Options.
    • Press 3 to change your password.
    • Dial your new password.
    • Press # to verify your new password.

Please note: it is extremely important to create your own unique password to ensure the security of your PhoneMail messages and to protect yourself against possible PhoneMail abuse.

Sending Messages to Multiple Recipients

This is a simple way to send your message to several people. This feature is available to anyone who has a PhoneMail mailbox.

  • Dial your Direct Access Number and password. Press 1 to record your message.
  • Press * to review your message, and press # after you have finished recording.
  • Enter the first extension (called "destination" by PhoneMail). PhoneMail will prompt you for the next extension(s) and then for delivery options. You can cancel delivery of your message by pressing 6.

Note: Prefix codes are required for dialing to or from some remote campus locations. If you get the message "this is not a supported extension", but you are certain that the extension you are dialing does have a PhoneMail box, you will probably need to dial a prefix code first. Dial the three-digit prefix code for the building you are calling, followed by the extension you want to reach.

Creating a Personal Greeting

It is recommended that you create a personal, informative greeting to answer your calls when you are away from your desk. If you do not create a greeting, the PhoneMail system greeting will answer your calls and announce your extension.

If you have basic PhoneMail service, you have only one greeting. If you have extended service, you have three greetings:

  • An internal greeting for on-campus calls.
  • An external greeting for off-campus calls.
  • An alternate greeting. Used for temporary situations such as vacations. You can record an alternate greeting and when you return, reinstate your regular, stored greeting(s).

To change your personal greeting(s):

  • Dial your Direct Access Code and password to get into the PhoneMail system OR dial your office telephone number (including area code and full 3-digit exchange, such as 1-212-854-xxxx), press 5, and enter your password.
  • Press 8 for Answering Options.
  • Press 1 to change personal greetings.

Follow the PhoneMail prompts to record your greeting. Be sure to press * # to let the system know you are finished recording.

Forwarding your Calls to PhoneMail

You may choose to have all your calls go directly to your PhoneMail box. This is helpful when you do not wish to be disturbed by calls or if you leave your office for a period of time (vacation, etc.). Your callers are forwarded immediately to your mailbox without having to wait for the four rings it normally takes for the PhoneMail system to forward the call.

To forward your calls:

  • Get dial tone and press FORWD button (or # 9).
  • Dial your Direct Access Number. Hang up.

The light on your primary extension will flicker, indicating that your calls are now being forwarded directly to your PhoneMail box. No calls will ring at your extension. To cancel forwarding:

  • Get dial tone and press FORWD button (or # # 9). Hang up.

The flickering light by your primary extension will disappear. You will now get calls at your extension.

PhoneMail Short Cuts & Tips

Abbreviated Prompts

As you become more familiar with PhoneMail, consider using abbreviated prompts. They are much shorter than standard prompts and can save you time. To change the level of prompts you receive, just follow these simple steps. You can switch prompt levels back and forth at any time.

  • Dial your Direct Access Number and password. Press 9 for mailbox options.
  • Press 2 for prompt level. The system will tell whether you are receiving regular prompts or abbreviated prompts.
  • Press 1 for standard prompts, 2 for abbreviated prompts.