Wiki Collaboration — Confluence

Online collaboration tool for sharing documentation, training materials and meeting notes across the Columbia community.

CUIT offers wikis as a platform for collaboration at Columbia. The wiki service is powered by Confluence, an enterprise-level solution that researchers, faculty and administrators can use. Wikis provide a straightforward layout that allows administrative groups and departments to have a centralized location for publishing, organizing and sharing their materials.

For collaboration sites that students will be using, sites can be provisioned in CourseWorks rather than in Confluence.


  • Create live, shared documents
  • Leave feedback for other users
  • View page history and file versioning
  • Sync automatically between desktop and mobile platforms, across all users
  • Track activity
  • Include multimedia and dynamic content
  • Set permissions to your department, to individuals, or to the public


Confluence is currently available to current faculty, staff, and researchers at Columbia. Confluence is not currently available for student use or for student-facing sites. For more information, please submit a ticket with the name of your group/department, the estimated amount of users who will need access, and a brief overview of your needs and how you plan to use Confluence.

A cost may be incurred depending on the number of users and the nature of your specific situation. In some cases, Confluence can be made available to smaller teams at no cost. Please submit a ticket as outlined above for more information.

Confluence is not currently HIPAA-compliant. We are currently looking into several options for secure/compliant storage and will notify users if and when we make any changes.