Survey Services — Qualtrics

Online survey-creating tool for academic, administrative and research purposes.

Also known as Qualtrics.

Columbia University IT (CUIT) offers a third-party survey solution called Qualtrics, available as a paid survey tool service with full support included.

Qualtrics is an easy to use, full-featured, web-based tool for creating and conducting online surveys.


  • Quick Survey Builder that guides beginners through creating a survey
  • Able to distribute and track survey participation, invitations and reminders
  • Robust, graphical and custom reporting of results
  • Can export data to Excel or SPSS
  • Full Qualtrics support available

Qualtrics has a comprehensive and user-friendly support website, which is included when you purchase the tool through CUIT. You can find tutorials on the survey features, guides on how to best build your survey and a robust search functionality for exploring functions and questions on their site: