SIS Account Administration

Account creation, deletion and management of privileges for Columbia's Student Information Systems (SIS) and SSOL (Student Services Online).

Also known as Student Services OnlineSIS Desktop ReportsSDRMainframe or Student Information System.

CUIT’s Student Applications Systems Development team provides and manages access to the SIS and SSOL applications. Providing your request is approved, you may be granted access to:

  • View Student Information Using Student Services Online (SSOL). SSOL is an essential resource to students, faculty, advisors, and administrators for student data. SSOL allows you to examine and retrieve registration information, bursar information, and academic profile information. Faculty and staff members can retrieve and view a current roster list for a specific class. Account and financial aid information, holds, and phone registration appointments for students can be accessed here.
  • Retrieve Student Information in Report Format using SIS Desktop Reports (SDR). SDR is an application which allows Columbia administrators to run reports on SIS data from their own desktops. These reports include class rosters, lists of majors and concentrators, address labels for various populations, and more. The application is downloaded from the web, and no purchase of software is required.

View and/or Edit Data using the Mainframe Student Information System (SIS): If your position requires that you access data that is not available via SIS Desktop Reports or Student Services Online, or if you are required to modify student data, run FocExecs or submit SISUMENU requests, you will probably need access to SIS on the CU Mainframe.