Payment Collection — Columbia SecurePay

System that allows the Columbia community to create payment collection forms and collect funds directly to their chart string.

Columbia SecurePay provides the Columbia community with a simple and secure way to collect funds. Users can create and publish payment collection forms, and track their form’s performance once published. Within each payment collection form, users can build items for sale with rich metadata.

All payments are encrypted, and collected funds are automatically directed to the chart string specified by the user.

  • Create a payment collection form to collect funds directly to your chart string
  • Sell physical items or collect payment for services
  • Build up your items for sale with images, multiple cost tiers, quantity limit per transaction, and shipping
  • Preview your payment collection form before publishing
  • Publish your form with a custom vanity URL, or have SecurePay automatically generate a URL for you
  • Forms can be set to automatically expire after a fixed amount of time, or after a certain number of transactions
  • Collect payments from credit cards
  • All payments are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Every payment gets automatically directed to the chart string you specify
  • Easily view and export reports on how each of your forms performed
  • Available on the latest version of major web browsers and mobile devices running iOS