Account Recovery Email

An Account Recovery Email is an external (non-Columbia) email address that can be used to access your UNI account if you forget your password and need to reset your account.  

Having an Account Recovery Email simplifies the process of resetting your password or Duo account and serves as an additional verification factor to ensure that access to your UNI remains strictly under your control.

Duo MFA is required to set or change your Account Recovery Email, so if you haven't enrolled in Duo yet, you'll be prompted to set it up when you log in.

To set your Account Recovery Email, you must log in using your UNI and Duo MFA, enter a non-Columbia email address, and verify your ability to receive a message sent to your non-Columbia address. It is essential to receive and acknowledge the verification message to activate your Account Recovery Email. Once set, your Account Recovery Email will only be used for identity verification purposes or security notifications regarding your account.


Account Recovery Email FAQs

No, Columbia, TC, UTS, Barnard and NYP addresses are not allowed to be used for the Account Recovery Email.

You use your UNI to log into your Columbia email.  Requiring a login to a different account with a separate username and password in addition to your UNI strengthens the identity verification process when you reset your password or Duo account.

You can select your first Account Recovery Email or update it via the Make a request button at the top of this page, or by going to and selecting Add or Update My Account Recovery Email.

No, only one Account Recovery Email address is allowed at a time.

Visit to learn more about enrolling in Columbia's Duo MFA service.