Proctorio is a remote proctoring service that monitors students taking virtual exams in Courseworks classes. For certain quizzes and exams, Proctorio records the students' identity via webcam and, depending upon the exam settings controlled by individual instructors, includes additional monitoring techniques.

For Faculty

Enabling Proctorio

Proctorio is already installed in CBS, A&S, SEAS and SIPA course sites in CourseWorks. To enable it in CBS, A&S, SEAS and SIPA course sites, follow the below steps:  

  1. Navigate to your CourseWorks class site Settings page
  2. Click Navigation along the top
  3. Search for Secure Exam Proctor
  4. If you see it move it up to the desired location
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page

If your course site is not in CBS, A&S, SEAS or SIPA or you do not see Secure Exam Proctor in your course site, please contact CUIT.

Using Proctorio

Once Secure Exam Proctor is present in your course navigation:

  1. Log into CourseWorks using Google Chrome. No other browsers are supported by Proctorio.
  2. In the course site click "Secure Exam Proctor" on the left.
  3. Follow the prompts to install the Proctorio Chrome Extension.
  4. Navigate to a Quiz in your course site and you can enable Proctorio in the quiz Settings
Faculty Guides for Proctorio Settings

Test-taker guides (for students)

Instructor guides (for faculty)

To access these links correctly, you must be

  1. On a device that supports Chrome extensions
  2. Have the the Proctorio Chrome extension installed
  3. Logged in to a course within Canvas in the same Chrome browser

Additional information