Payroll/Time Entry Support and Development

Support and development of Columbia’s Financial Systems' Time Entry tool.

Also known as FFE Time Entry. Formerly known as ZTs.

CUIT supports three distinct Time Entry modules in FINSYS:

  • Support Staff
  • Casual Staff
  • Union Staff

Each is an online module for entering employee timesheet information for the particular employee type. Time Entry transactions and approval is guided by the Payroll Calendar dates. The Payroll Calendar is published by Columbia’s Payroll Department and contains the payroll processing period for each payroll pay period.

The tool is available Monday - Sunday between the hours of 8:00am - 3:00am, except during maintenance periods announced on the Finance Service Center.

For payroll-related policy, please visit the Payroll Policy Library.

Administrative Access Roles

In order to use the Time Entry modules, you will first need to apply for access on the Financial Systems Security Application. Please be sure to apply for the appropriate level of access for the appropriate Time Entry module(s). You may be given access to more than one module as needed.

  • Inquiry: Ability to view Time Entry transactions and run reports
  • Initiator: Inquiry + Ability to Create/Modify/Delete of Time Entry transactions
  • Approvals: Inquiry + Initiator + Ability to Preliminary/Final Approve

Initiators and approvers must have access authority provided by the Office of the Controller.


Step-by-step guide on logging into the FFE Time Entry system, creating and approving Time Entry Transactions, and printing reports.

  1. Navigate to the My.Columbia portal
  2. Sign in with your UNI
  3. Select the FINSYS Portal tab
  4. In the Financial Front End menu, select the module that you need:
    • Time Entry – Casual Staff
    • Time Entry – Support Staff
    • Time Entry – Union Staff