Managed Database Environments

Providing, administering and managing database services for Columbia employees.

Also known as Database as a service (DBaaS), Database Environments.

CUIT’s Infrastructure Services team will host and manage a database within the CUIT infrastructure. We support Oracle and MySQL databases on Linux and Microsoft SQLServer on Windows platforms. 

Database hosting requires:

  • Purchase of a virtual server from CUIT
  • Adherence to all CUIT policies including Data Classification, Security and Standard Operating Environments

 This service may include:

  • Provision and administration of the database
  • Basic performance tuning
  • Database backups and restores
  • Database and operating system (OS) patching
  • Database monitoring and alerts

The following are not included in this service:

  • Query-authoring and in-depth performance analysis and tuning
  • After-hours troubleshooting (unless specifically agreed to in an SLA)
  • Analysis or troubleshooting of any services (web or application), that depend on the hosted database