Managed Operating System and Server Environments

Administration and management of Columbia's server computing operating systems.

The CUIT Infrastructure Support Services team provisions physical and virtual servers and provides Operating System (OS) administration services in support of the VMWare, RH LINUX, Windows, Solaris and AIX platforms to ensure timely response to requests, incidents, optimal performance and security.

Provisioning of new server services can include:

  • Bare Metal Physical
  • Legacy Virtual Farm
  • Maintenance and management of virtual server environment
  • Maintenance and management of blade center environment
  • Maintenance and management of stand-alone physical servers
  • Installation of Operating System (Microsoft, Solaris, AIX, Linux)
  • Operating System (OS) configuration (scripts and manual)
  • Performing server operating system maintenance/upgrades
  • Design and maintenance of directory services (Microsoft Active Directory & Kerberos)
  • Design and maintenance of authentication and access control services to servers
  • Installation and maintenance of server management software
  • Monitoring of server performance
  • Break/fix analysis and troubleshooting server problems and failures
  • Monitoring server capacity and utilization
  • Planning for future capacity requirements and upgrades, including the gathering of trend stats for growth analysis and forecasting to determine possible hardware upgrades (cpu, memory, disk)
  • Server backups
  • Server security
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) planning and Disaster Recovery exercise support for managed servers
  • Advice and assistance with purchases of new servers