Identity Enrollment and Management

Centralized identity management process for Columbia University's identities which can be leveraged by other services to manage authentication and affiliations.

Services include:

Please see Manage My UNI for a self-service options such as activating your UNI or resetting your password.

Information on University Network IDs (UNIs), computer account eligibility and other CUIT administrative system accounts is also available.

CUIT manages Columbia’s Identity Management (IdM) system, which aggregates identity data from the University’s student and employee systems, and assigns UNIs and roles to campus members. Departments deploying local applications and systems should contact CUIT to ask how to integrate identity data and manage access and privileges.

The Delegated Identity Administration (DIA) system is a web interface that allows authorized individuals for each CU department to enter employee and affiliate data, allowing you to assign UNIs and provide access (physical and online), all in real-time.

CUIT provides an application allowing new students, faculty, researchers, administrators and contractors to submit photos online for their ID cards, rather than having their photo taken in-person during office hours at the ID Center. Please note that this services is only available for your first ID card issued at the University; you cannot replace a photo that was taken at the ID Center by submitting a different photo online.

Additionally, this service is only available if you belong to Columbia University or one of its affiliated schools: Barnard College, Teachers College, and Union Theological Seminary.

The application is simple to use:

  1. Review the photo requirements specified by the CU ID Center.
  2. Log in with your UNI to the photo application to upload and submit your photo.
  3. ID center administrators will approve your photo (or reject it if it does not meet the requirements).
  4. If you are a new student, you will receive your ID card from your school at orientation. If you belong to another category, please contact your school or department’s human resources or payroll administrator directly.

CUIT maintains the Columbia online directory, a searchable listing of Columbia University and its affiliated institutions, including students, faculty, researchers, administrators, support staff and retirees. The directory includes name, title (college or school for students), department (major for students) and email address information. Student addresses are displayed only for CU students in Morningside Campus residence halls. It also includes the phone number and physical office address for faculty, researchers administrators, and support staff.

The easiest way to use the directory is to search from the Columbia homepage (search field in upper right-hand corner). For more detailed search capabilities, visit People Directory.

CUIT maintains and supports the Grouper group management tool. CUIT has integrated various online services to use the Grouper system. Connectors publish data from Grouper to Google Groups, Mail Lists, and to LDAP entries (and in turn, to CAS and Shibboleth single sign-on). Service owners can be provided with access to Grouper for managing group memberships and delegating group management to others. Service providers within the CU community may also inquire about integrating directly using the Grouper API.


DIA access can be provided to Columbia administrators who have managerial privileges (also known as Manager Self-Service access, or MSS) in the PAC Human Resource system. You can apply for access to DIA by reading the DIA manual and taking the DIA quiz, both located under the “HR Manager Resources” tab on the MyColumbia portal. If you do not have access to this tab, then you do not currently have the necessary managerial privileges. If you believe that you should and do not have access, please submit a self-service web form to CUIT.

Please contact Public Safety via 212-854-4500 or Public Safety. Requests for additional access should come from an individual who has oversight for a given area/building, such as a departmental administrator, building manager, or school dean's office.

FAQ: Online Directory

If you are a Columbia University student, you may update your legal name by filling out the Name Change Affidavit. Columbia students also have the option of selecting a “preferred name” that will appear publicly but will not alter the name of record (for degree, graduation purposes, etc.). The preferred name can be requested through Student Services Online (SSOL).  

Barnard College, Teachers College and Union Theological Studies (UTS) students should contact their local registrar’s office for inquiries related to directory information.

If you are a Columbia University administrator, please contact your department’s human resources or payroll administrator, who can update your title, department and CU address in the People @ Columbia (PAC) Human Resources system, which will then be reflected in the directory. You can change your CU Office number, home/mailing address and other contact information on file in PAC on your own by logging into the MyColumbia self-service portal and selecting “View or Update Your Personal Information”; however please note that only CU Office information is displayed in the Columbia directory.

Faculty and employees of Barnard, Teachers College and Union Theological Seminary should contact their departmental administrator for inquiries.

If you are a Columbia University student, please fill out the Request to Withhold Directory Information form and deliver or mail it to the indicated address. This will remove all of your information from the Online Directory. Please note that if you are a full-time employee, or have another association at Columbia or one of its affiliated institution, this will only remove your Columbia student information from the directory and not your primary information. More information about Columbia’s policy on the privacy of student information is found on the AskUs site.

CU students can fill out the same form to reinstate your information in the directory.

Students at Barnard, Teachers College and Union Theological Seminary should contact their registrar’s office to remove or restore their online directory entry.

If you are a student, it is possible that your information is marked as private in the University student system. Columbia University students that would like to change this should fill out the Request to Withhold (Reinstate) Directory Information form and deliver or mail it to the indicated address. You can also contact the CU Registrar’s Office if you have questions by emailing [email protected].

Barnard, Teachers College and Union Theological Seminary students should contact their respective registrar’s office.

Faculty and employees of Columbia and its affiliated institutions should contact their departmental administrator for questions.

If your only affiliation with the University is as an alumnus, you will not be listed in the Columbia directory.