FinSys Security Administration System

Management, operational support and enhancements to the Financial Systems Security Administration system.

Also known as FFE Access.

The FINSYS Security Administration module enables Security Administrators in schools and departments to provision system access for users of the FINSYS application modules and provide access to other financial data. This includes access to FINSYS, FDS, DARTS, Endowment Term Sheet and legacy financial data. CUIT provides the FSSA system as a consolidated application for those administering accesses to Columbia’s various financial systems.

The service is available Monday - Sunday between the hours of 8:00am - 3:00am, except during maintenance periods announced on the Finance Service Center.

The University's DAF policy requires the proper delegation of authority to University officers to approve transactions in the University's systems.

Modules Available in FinSys Requiring Access

  • Budget Tool
  • Time Entry
  • Cash Deposits
  • PAD Reporting
  • Endowment Term Sheets
  • Security Administration

Administrative Access Roles

  • Inquiry: Ability to view Security access transactions
  • Initiator: Inquiry + Ability to create, modify and delete Security access transactions
  • Preliminary Approval: Inquiry + Initiator + Ability to preliminarily approve Security access transactions
  • Final Approval: Inquiry + Initiator + Ability to finally approve the Security access transactions


    Download the Finance Security Handbook as a PDF from Columbia Finance.

    1. Navigate to the My.Columbia portal
    2. Sign in with your UNI
    3. Select the FINSYS Portal tab
    4. In the Financial Front End menu, select Security Administration