Electronic Classroom AV Tutorials and Guidelines

CUIT's Classroom and Desktop Technologies team, the Office of the Registrar, and Facilities Management are proud to offer renovated and updated electronic classrooms to Columbia instructors.

Any department may use the electronic classrooms for registered, credit classes. CUIT has created short video tutorials explaining how to operate the touch screen panels in the rooms. CUIT has also established general usage guidelines to ensure that the the classroom technology is well-maintained and operational for all users.

Touch Panel Tutorial Videos

Two-minute tutorials that provide an overview of using the touch panels in CUIT's e-rooms.

New touch panel tutorial
To begin using the system, press your finger to the screen.
System will begin with Mac Mini or PC already selected.
To select laptop, press on the laptop button.
To select Air Media, press on the Air Media button.
To select the Blu-ray player, press the Blu-ray button.
To adjust the audio volume and mute the audio, press on the volume ramp and mute buttons.
The standby button mutes and unmutes the video on the projector.
Press the Settings button to bring up additional settings, press the mic icon.
Here, you can adjust the microphone volume.
Press the projector icon, here you can turn the projector on or off.
Press on the video Icon to bring up the Systems Matrix page.
This page allows you to show any source any display at any time.
Press the arrow button to return to the main page.
To select Mac Mine or PC, press the Mac Mini or PC icon.
To shut down the system, press the shut down button.
Press the return button to return to the main page.
Press the shut down button again and now press power off.
Real time shut down and start up time.
Congratulations! you now know how to use the AV system.
Old Large Touch Panel Tutorial
To begin using the system, press your finger to the screen.
Select any source to turn on the projector. In this case, select DVD.
To select VCR, press the VCR button.
To select podium PC, press the podium PC button.
To select laptop, press the laptop button.
To adjust volume and mute, press the main volume and mute buttons.
To adjust microphone volume, press the speech button.
To shut down the system, press the shut down button.
Press no to return to the main page.
Press yes to shut down the system.
You have successfully learned how to use the AV system.
Old Small Touch Screen Panel
Press on “Press to Enter” to start system.
To select PC, press the computer button.
To select the DVD, press the DVD button.
Press the return button to return to the main page.
To select the laptop, press the laptop button.
To select the AUX input, press the AUX button.
To adjust volume controls, press the volume and mute buttons.
To mute the video, press the projector standby button.
To shut down the system, press the exit button.
Press no (return) to return to the main page.
Press the yes button to shut down the system.
Congratulations! you now know how to use the AV in this room.

Key Pick-up

Most podiums do not require keys, with the exception of those listed below. For these rooms, please pick up the key at the CUIT Walk-in Center, located at 202 Philosophy Hall, unless stated otherwise. The Service Desk is open Monday–Friday between 10am and 3pm.

  • 310 Fayerweather
  • 702 Hamilton
  • 309 Havemeyer slide projector cabinets: Pick-up from Havermeyer department office (Room 344)
  • 203, 207 and 312 Mathematics
  • 833 Mudd podium 
  • 301 and 428 Pupin microphone cabinet
  • 501 and 614 Schermerhorn slide projector cabinet 


  • Instructors who reserve an electronic classroom must agree to complete training, before keys will be issued for equipment use. If an instructor has a room reserved for the use of one particular type of equipment, s/he must not attempt to use any of the other equipment without first notifying CUIT staff and being trained.
  • An instructor will not allow a teaching assistant (TA) to use the equipment unless they have informed CUIT and the TA undergoes training as well. A professor will be responsible for all actions of his/her designated TA.
  • Instructors are issued a key or card swipe access to the locked cabinets containing the multimedia gear. (In the remainder of this document, "key" will also signify card swipe access where appropriate). In addition, an instructor may designate one TA to open and close the room in lieu of himself/herself (you must inform CUIT first).
  • An Instructor or TA may not duplicate and/or distribute to unauthorized persons any keys to equipment cabinets/closets.
  • When there is a class immediately following another class, it is the responsibility of the instructor or TA of the first class to either lock up equipment or transfer responsibility for the equipment to the next instructor or TA of the second class.
  • The keys must be returned to CUIT at the end of the semester unless the same classroom is to be used the following semester in the same academic year. If a key is lost or stolen at anytime, report it immediately to CUIT.
  • An instructor or TA may not make use of the equipment outside his class schedule unless he or she informs CUIT staff and follows proper scheduling procedures. Reservation policies and requirements are available through CUIT or the Office of the Registrar.
  • No equipment may be removed from the room under any circumstance (except for portable carts, which should not be removed from the designated floor for use and storage). Only CUIT staff assigned responsibility for the room may remove equipment.
  • All equipment is physically secured and attached to alarm systems. Please do not attempt to disengage any security systems.
  • The instructor or TA is responsible for unlocking the equipment cabinet/closet at the beginning of a class session and locking cabinet/closet at the end. The instructor or TA should also return portable equipment such as rolling carts or remote control units to the cabinet at the end of each class session.
  • The electronic gear in these rooms is very sensitive to moisture and foreign substances. The physical spaces have been renovated as well. It is very difficult to replace broken gear in a timely fashion. New carpet and furniture will not be replaced if stained with coffee or other liquids. In an effort to keep these classrooms functional and sound, food and drinks are not allowed in any Electronic Classroom. Instructor support with regards to this policy would be greatly appreciated.

Violations include:

  • Sharing keys with anyone besides the designated TA.
  • Not properly securing the equipment at the end of class.
  • Accessing the equipment for non-instructional purposes or accessing equipment for which one has not received training or without reserving the equipment.

Actions that will be taken in response to violations:

  • Violations will be reported to the department Chairperson and the School's respective dean.
  • CUIT and the Registrar will review each case and take appropriate action regarding continued room and equipment access.
  • Equipment malfunctions or discrepancies must be immediately reported to the CUIT staff. Please call eRooms at 212-854-3633.
  • Report classroom difficulties such as power outage, light flickers, no chalk, or cleaning to facilities management to: [email protected]
  • Report network problems to the CUIT Service Desk at 212-854-3633.
  • All keys must be returned to the following address after the last class of the semester via campus mail, taped to a sheet of paper with your name on it:

CUIT Service Desk Walk-in Center
202 Philosophy Hall
1150 Amsterdam Avenue
Mailcode 4926