Enterprise Architecture

Business and IT Architecture services for all academic and administrative units of Columbia University.

Also known as EA, Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture, Technical Architecture, TOGAF.

Enterprise Architecture services are provided through CUIT’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer and are led by professionals with proven experience in building architecture for the enterprise. We engage with stakeholders to understand their motivations, concerns and requirements, and then help them formulate goals around enterprise architecture principles that align with the University mission. We have established architecture governance to provide oversight and assurance to various business and IT functions across the University.

CUIT’s comprehensive Enterprise Architecture practice covers the entire architecture development cycle: it begins with business architecture, followed by outlining a blueprint of capabilities and processes, modeling enterprise data entities, creating an application stack, and concludes with hosting platform architecture.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Architecture Development Methodology (ADM)
  • Business architecture
  • Architecture governance and assurance
  • Application integration architecture blueprints
  • Solution architecture
  • Architecture library of standards, templates, principles, and patterns
  • Cloud enablement across the University
  • Business and IT tool evaluation
  • Generation of standards via focus groups