CUIT Wired Network

High-speed campus network and Internet access from Ethernet network ports in Columbia buildings.

Also known as Wired Ethernet or IP Network.

CUIT designs, installs, maintains and manages the fiber-based network access in Columbia office spaces and campus buildings on the Morningside and Manhattanville campuses. Most University Apartment Housing (UAH) also has network access via ApartmentNet. Additionally, CUIT manages the Domain Name Services (DNS) and Dynamic Hosting Control Protocols (DHCP) that allow access to computer networks and the Internet.


CUIT billing provides monthly consolidated bills for all campus network and telephone services.

  • New Jack Installation - $1,028.40
  • Ethernet Hub Connection/Point-to-point (first connection per bldg/floor) - $380.80
  • Additional Connection in same building (300 foot limit) - $69.05
  • Category 5E Connection (first connection per bldg/floor) - $190.45
  • Additional Category 5E Connection in same building (300 foot limit) - $33.15
  • Ethernet Workstation 10 foot cable - $33.15

The cost of jack installations can vary, depending on the scope of the project. Please refer to CUIT’s Technical Design Requirements documentation and contact the Network Engineering and Project Management group by sending an email to [email protected] to initiate a conversation about the service you would like to order and CUIT will determine a project estimate. These requirements have been created to ensure that all construction and renovation projects conform to CUIT Network Infrastructure design and installation standards.

  • Expedite Charge on Rush Field/Project orders - $1,241.05/order
  • Expedite Charge on Rush Additional Field Project - $126.25/item or line
  • Expedite Charge on Rush Software Orders - $252.30/order
  • Network Field Services Labor Charge - $126.15/hour
  • Network Engineering & Project Management Fee - 15% of overall project sub-total

DNS/DHCP Communications Protocols

Please note: You are not required to register your computer's Ethernet address in order to get a connection to the Internet on the Morningside Campus.

If you are requesting a new domain, please review Columbia's Domain Name Policy and CUIT's DNS information page before submitting a request. If you would like to register a host for use as a web server, please consider using CUIT's official Hosting Services as an alternative. If you would still prefer to register a hostname, please visit the Network Registration page.


These connection guides can help you configure your computer to get connected to the network.