Security Advisory Services

Consultative, investigative and security advice.

Consultative, investigative security advisory services are provided by Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT), Network Security, Risk Management, and Application Security Groups.

Consulting, investigative, and security advisory services on Security Incidents and Application Risk Assessments are available for free to the Columbia community.  

Investigative Services – Involves incident analysis/remediation, liaison with various groups, such as the Columbia University Department of Public Safety, General Counsel and law enforcement, if needed.

Security Consulting/Operations Services  – Involve network security scanning, web applications security scanning, tools acquisitions, log monitoring/log correlation and sensitive data discovery and protection tools for example. 

These services may require additional licenses, tools, or external expertise.  Whenever these additional items are required, charges will be passed through to school or department. These charges will vary based on your environment and will be assessed as part of the engagement. Due to the high demand for CUIT Security Consulting/Operations Services, engagement start dates will depend on the availability of resources. Please reference Security Advisory Services when submitting a ticket.   

We are here to help and CUIT Security Team members are able to discuss with you in more detail upon submission of a request.