Client Device Engineering

Design and configuration of standardized desktop computing platforms for a more consistent computing experience.

Also known as CUIT Managed Desktop Platform, formerly known as Desktop Engineering.

CUIT provides Client Device Engineering, a managed computer service, for Columbia faculty and staff. Designing and configuring standardized computing platforms provides you with a more consistent and secure computer experience. Using a CUIT-managed device also allows you to take full advantage of the CUIT Service Desk, who are trained in supporting and troubleshooting these platforms. Additionally, CUIT-managed devices streamline your device’s workload, and prolong the life of your device thanks to reduced interference without complications from user-installed softwares.

CUIT provides Client Device Engineering for select desktop or laptop Windows or Apple devices (computers and tablets) and mobile phones.

The Client Device Engineering service provides the following:

  • Device Imaging: updating the operating system image on the device
  • Application Packaging: creating a customized installation program for softwares in a deployable format (that requires no user interactions for install or uninstall)
  • Operating System Patch Releases: sending software patches/fixes to improve the OS or address a newly discovered weakness, including security vulnerabilities
  • License Management: tracking software licenses distribution to ensure that fines are not incurred for violating agreements


Unauthorized software can interfere with the application packaging on your device so CUIT limits what is allowed. If there is a certain software that you need to have on your device, please contact the CUIT Service Desk and CUIT will evaluate whether the software is safe to add.