Elmo Document Reader Guide

Startup Guide

  • If Crestron Touch Pad Unit screen is dark, touch the Crestron screen to turn on unit screen.
  • Touch portion of screen labeled, "Welcome to Columbia University".
  • On the MAIN MENU, touch portion of screen labeled, "VIDEO".
  • Select "Doc Cam" from the VIDEO menu.

Press PROJECTOR button in ENVIRO menu. Select the source for the projection from the options provided: either "PC" or "VIDEO".

  • Press the BASE button under the LIGHTS SECTION for transparencies. Turn camera lens 90 degrees for maximum document area coverage. Press the UPPER button under the LIGHTS SECTION for any other type of documents and three dimensional objects.
  • Press the TELE button under the ZOOM SECTION to zoom in and press the WIDE button under the ZOOM SECTION to zoom out.
  • Press the N or F button under the FOCUS SECTION to focus near or far respectively. To have the Elmo Document Reader automatically focus the image press the AUTO FOCUS button under the FOCUS SECTION.
  • To view the Elmo image full-scale on the Touch Screen, press the gray box in the lower left hand corner of the touch screen. Simply touch the screen to return to the controls. To record the Elmo image, press the SEND TO REC button.

Shutdown Guide

  • Touch portion of Crestron screen labeled VIDEO from Main Menu.
  • Select DOC CAM by touching the screen.
  • Power off the document reader by touching the portion of the screen labeled OFF.
  • Re-coil the multi-pin cable and store under the Elmo Document Reader. Lower the shelf holding the Elmo Document Reader. Pull on the two white handles to lower the shelf from its in-use, locked position.

Touch portion of Crestron Touch Panel labeled OFF under the ENVIRO menu.

  • Touch MAIN MENU button.
  • Touch EXIT on the MAIN MENU.
  • When prompted with "Are you sure you want to EXIT and turn OFF the AV System?" touch the portion of the screen that says, Yes, System OFF.