Cash Management Support and Development

Support and development of Columbia's Financial Systems' Cash Entry tool.

Also known as FFE Cash Module.

CUIT’s Financial Front End (FFE) Applications (and department link when created) team provides technical support and develops enhancements for the FFE Cash Module.

Cash and check (all known as “cash deposit”) transactions need to be recorded electronically in the FINSYS Cash module prior to drop off at the University's Cashier's Office teller window. This electronic recording and tracking process provides a proper audit trail of the transaction and reinforces important controls and accounting methods for University cash handling.

The complete University Cash Handling Policy can be found in the Administrative Policy Library. For specific information about University cash handling policies and procedures, please direct your inquiries to the Office of Treasury.

Cash transactions are transmitted to ARC hourly from 10:00am - 7:00pm. The tool is available Monday - Sunday between the hours of 8:00am - 3:00am, except during maintenance periods announced on the Finance Service Center.

Administrative Access Roles

In order to use the Cash module, the user will first need to apply for access on the Financial Systems Security Application. The user will need to apply for the appropriate level of access:

  • Inquiry - Ability to view cash activity
  • Initiator - Inquiry + Ability to create, modify and delete cash transaction
  • Approvals (Preliminary or Final) - Inquiry + Initiator + Ability to approve cash at varying levels

For up-to-date information about Cash Deposits at CU please visit the Office of the Treasury.


  1. Navigate to the My.Columbia portal
  2. Sign in with your UNI
  3. Select the FINSYS Portal tab
  4. In the Financial Front End menu, select Cash Module