ARC Account Administration

User account creation, deletion and management of privileges for ARC, the University's financial system.

Also known as Financial Systems Security Application (FSSA) or ARC Access Request.

To become an ARC (Accounting and Reporting at Columbia) application user or to make a change your existing role (and corresponding accesses) in ARC, please fill out the ARC access request form. The ARC Security Team will grant access after receiving the appropriate approvals from the requestor’s manager, confirmation that any necessary trainings have been completed and final approval from the access approvers.

Once the Security Team receives all approvals, you will receive your ARC account user ID (or your accesses will be updated) within two business days.


Once you have completed any required trainings and all approvals are received by CUIT from your manager and the access approvers, your ID will be administered within two business days.

Please contact your manager and explain the reason for urgency, and ask them to work with your department’s access approvers to expedite the process.