NetPhone Training

CUIT offers training to customers who would like assistance understanding and effectively using their desktop NetPhone system. Training is available as in-person sessions to individual customers or groups, or as documented resources for customers’ reference. 

NetPhone services uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology to transmit voice communications over data networks. NetPhones are gradually replacing the University’s ROLM phones throughout the Morningside and Manhattanville campuses, providing enhanced features for users and reducing the cost of long distance calls, equipment and maintenance for the University.


You have two options to check your voicemail remotely.

First, you could update your Voicemail Delivery Method in your myNetPhone Portal to receive email and telephone notifications. This will send an audio file to your Columbia email everytime you receive a voicemail.

Alternatively, or if you are not able to access your Columbia email at certain times, your can check your voicemail from any other phone. To do this:

  1. Dial your Columbia phone number.
  2. Press * during your voicemail greeting playback. You will be connected to the NetPhone voicemail main menu.
  3. Dial your extension, followed by #.
  4. Dial your password, followed by #.

Dial 9, 3, 1 followed by the area code and phone number you wish to reach.

  1. Press the Messages key.
  2. Press the Connect soft key (Model 601: Connect soft key).
  3. Press # after the mailbox prompt.
  4. Enter your voicemail password after the password prompt. (If you have not yet set a personal password on your voicemail, use the default password 111.)
  1. Go to the myNetPhone web page and log in with your UNI and password.
  2. Select Features and Voicemail under Personal Settings
  3. Turn Call Forwarding ON
  4. Enter 931-XXX-XXX-XXXX (your cell phone number). The 931 is required for all non-University extensions.
  5. Click Submit at the bottom of the page
  1. During a call, press the Trnsfr soft key seen on your phone’s digital screen (Model 601: the Transfer button) to place the current call on hold.
  2. Dial the number (or extension) to which you want to transfer the call OR use the arrow keys to access speed dial numbers and missed, placed, and received call lists. From one of these lists, press the Dial soft key (on the digital screen).
  3. Press the Trnsfr soft key (Model 601: the Transfer button) again to complete the transfer. This can be done as soon as you hear the ringback sound, or you can wait until the person you are transferring the call to answers and speak to them before completing the transfer.
  1. Log in to with your UNI and password.
  2. Click on the Features and Voicemail link in the left-hand column.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Create New Voicemail Password section.
  4. Enter your new password in both boxes and then click Submit.

After unplugging your NetPhone, it may show that you have zero voicemails and the message indicator light may be off. It would appear that you have lost your voicemails, but that is not the case. Simply connect to the voicemail system via the messages button and your message indicator light and phone should reboot and indicate the proper values.